The Truckle Truck Cheese Club


The Truckle Truck Cheese Club, delivered straight to your door.

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The Truckle Truck Cheese Club, delivered straight to your door.

The Club is held on the first Friday of the month, and offers a selection of cheeses, carefully curated to give you the perfect cheeseboard for the weekend. As well as cheese, you’ll get biscuits and an accompaniment to go with them, along with tasting notes for you to peruse as you tuck in.

To find out what’s on the board each month, sign up on the Club page above – you’ll get an email the Tuesday before the Club is due.

This month’s Cheese Club:

All boards:

Radnor Blue (Ewes, Vegetarian, Ceredigion, Wales) This gently tangy, savoury blue is a brand new cheese this week – and I love it. Wales’ answer to Roquefort!
Westcombe Cheddar (Cows, Unpasturised, Not Vegetarian, Bruton, Somerset) A quintessential West Country Farmhouse Cheddar – buttery, creamy and packed with flavour.
Witheridge (Cows, Pasturised, Not Vegetarian, ) Full on cheeseyness, but with a subtlty that many stronger cheeses miss. Full of rich, creaminess and grassiness from the roasted hay in which it’s buried to mature.

Small board and Seriously Cheesey Board only:

Spenwood (Ewes, Unpasturied, Not Vegetarian, Risely, Berkshire) Crumbly, nutty hard cheese, that pairs beatifully with the pear & walnut chutney.
Cornish Kern (Cows, Pasturised, Vegetarian, Truro, Cornwall) A powerfully nutty and sweet cheese, with hints of the caramel depth of an aged gouda and the butteriness of a classic cheddar.
Bath Ovals
Pear & Walnut Chutney

Choose from:

The Mini Board  Perfect for two after dinner! Three cheeses (100g each)
The Small Board  For serious turophiles who like their cheese little and often. (Five cheeses, 100g each)
The Family Board  Enough cheese for everyone to tuck into over the weekend. (Three cheeses, 200g each)
The Seriously Cheesey Board For dedicated cheese-eaters, or for a special occasion! (Five cheeses, 200g each)

Please note:
Orders must be placed by midnight on the Wednesday in order to recieve the cheeses on Friday.
The Cheese Club is ONLY available on the first Friday of each month. Orders placed after midnight on the Wednesday before the Club is due will not be received until the following month.

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Cheese Club

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