Cornish Yarg


 Fresh, crumbly and lactic.

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Cheese type: Hard, crumbly, british, cows
Dairy: Lynher
Country/region: UK, Cornwall, Truro
Milk: Cows, Pasturised, Vegetarian

Taste: Wrapped in nettles, this often over-looked cheese is delightfully gentle, rich and lactic. Crumbly in the middle, with a slightly softer layer just under the rind (which is entriely edible and stinger free!), this is a cheese of contrasts. It pairs beautifully with sweeter biscuits (try the Toasts for Cheese) but still has enough flavour to hold it’s own against stronger chutneys.


Milk, salt, rennet, nettle leaves


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250g, 500g, 750g, 1kg


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