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Saving British Cheese.

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Halfway through the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, a cry went up – ‘Save British Cheese!’
It might sound laughable, but the artisan cheese industry in the UK was in a desperate situation. Order books that had seen thousands of kilos of exceptional cheese going out a week emptied overnight. But cheese producers can’t simply stop production; the cheeses that they were expecting to sell over the Spring were made weeks, months or maybe even years ago, and the cows, sheep and goats are still producing their milk. ‘Save British Cheese’ is about far more than ‘posh’ cheese – it’s about saving the livelihoods of the thousands of people who make our wonderful cheeses, the thousands of farmers who supply them, and the thousands of people who sell their cheese.
The Cheese for the Weekend board is part of that – five of the best British (and occasionally European) cheeses, chosen each week and delivered – free delivery too! – to your door every Friday. You’ll also get an accompaniment and biscuits to go with them, along with tasting notes to help you enjoy them to the max.
Each box will also include a donation to Mind, who work to support anyone struggling with their mental health, and who are dealing with the impact of this unprecedented situation.

This week’s Cheese for the Weekend Board includes:

What’s on the Board this week?

White Lake, Pylle, Somerset. Goat’s, unpasturised, vegetarian.
A firm, smooth goat’s cheese, rind-washed in cider brandy to give it a fruity little kick.

Village Maid, Risely, Berkshire. Guernesy cows, unpasturised, vegetarian.
Guernsey milk gives this silky little brie-style cheese a beautiful richness and full-cream buttery flavour.

The Book & Bucket Cheese Co, Cranborne, Dorset. Ewe’s, pasturised, vegetarian.
Often supple rather than oozing, this little ewe’s milk softy is tangy, salty and delicate.

Wiltshire Loaf
Brinkworth Dairy, Brinkworth, Wiltshire. Cows, unpasturised, vegetarian.
Wiltshire Loaf has an undeniably ‘cheddar’ like note, but also the distinctive sharpness of a territorial cheese.

Shropshire Blue
Cropwell Bishop Dairy, Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire. Cows, pasturised, vegetarian.
Similar to a Stilton, but tends to be a little sweeter, thanks to the annatto which gives it the iconic amber hue.

Caramelised Tomato & Onion Chutney
Fragrant, rich and just a little punchy, this relish is lightly spiced with a scattering of nigella seeds.

Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbreads
A truly classic cracker – super-crispy little knackerbrod crackers, with a sweet-sour tang.

Our hampers come chill-packed, to make sure your cheese arrives in tip-top condition. Virtually all of our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable or home compostable.

Gluten free biscuits are available – please request this in the delivery options if needed.

We may have to substitute a product of equal or greater value if any of our products are out of stock. Items shown are for guidance only, and may vary. Orders must be placed by 5pm Wednesday for delivery on Friday.

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Large (5 people) includes £5 donation to Mind, Small (3 people) includes £2.50 donation to Mind


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