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Home delivery guidelines during Covid-19

This page covers the guidelines that have been produced for making home deliveries safely during the corona virus crisis. All deliveries from the team will be made using these processes, and they will be updated as and when the guidelines are changed.
Please help our team and our community to stay safe by helping us follow them.

In addition:

All chilled goods will be kept in insulated storage while in transit – this is primarily about making sure they get to you in the best possible condition, especially as the weather gets warmer.

If absolutely essential, we will take cash payments, but if you are able to pay by bank transfer, it would be preferred.

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Covid-19 (novel coronavirus)

As part of my due dilligence in this difficult time, I’ve reviewed the practices and systems in place to ensure that I am now, and will continue to operate safely in the community.

Those practices include:

  • an increased regularity of hand washing, particularly following contact with any likely vector for infection.
  • an increased regularity of sanisiting surfaces, both those which come into direct contact with cheese (such as cutting boards and the counter) and those which the public may contact (such as the till screen and counter shelf).
  • keeping the amount of time that any cheese might be unwrapped during service to an absolute minimum.

I will continue to act in accordance with the advice and instructions that we receive from the government and medical authorities, and these policies will be reviewed in the light of any and all new information as it is released.

In the meantime, please continue to support all the shops on your high street for as long as possible, and be patient with us while we all implement the measures we need to at this time.

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Doorstep Delivery Service

Times are pretty frightening at the moment, and our community is more important than ever right now. There are a lot of vulnerable people in our area, people who can’t get the help they need, or who are facing a pretty bleak time over the coming weeks and maybe months. That some of our neighbours can be staring at prolongued isolation with only the most basic needs met is both saddening and frustrating.

We’ve decided to do something about it.

Together with several local independent businesses, we will be offering a next day delivery service to anyone in need. If you live within 5 miles of Shaftesbury (check the map below) and you’re self-isolating, we’ll bring it to your door!
Every morning we’ll update our stock list on our websites and social media or you can give me a call on 07400 344330. Orders can be placed over the phone or by email. Payment online is preferred, but we will be able to take cash if that’s not possible.

The team:
Abbotts Greengrocers
The High Street Bakery (bread, cakes, baking ingredients)
The Truckle Truck (cheeses, biscuits, chutneys)
Shaftesbury Wines
We hope to add more businesses soon!

What’s in stock today?


The High Street Bakery:

The Truckle Truck:
Blue – Gorgonzola, Stilton, Dorset Blue Vinney, Montagnolo, Beauvale
Soft – Brie de Meaux, Kelston Park Soft, C’est Bon, Wild Garlic La Bousse
Ewe’s – Brebirousse d’Argental, Hardy, Spenwood, Austen, Hemmingway
Goat’s – Rachel, Driftwood, Aged Goat’s Gouda, Goat’s Gouda with Fenugreek, Creme Chevre
Hard – Quicke’s Vintage Cheddar, Westcombe Cheddar, Hafod Cheddar, Wyfe of Bath, Dorset Red, Cornish Yarg
Europeans – Schlossberger, Princess Alicia Victoria, Cirone
Biscuits – Quince Toasts for Cheese, Gluten Free Water Crackers, Bath Ovals, Walnut Oaties, Apricot Cracker Bakes, Seedy Cracker Bakes
Chutneys and pickles

Shaftesbury Wines:

We will deliver your order next day if recieved by 3pm. Delivery is free, but if you are able to donate a few pennies towards covering the fuel costs, that would be very welcome!

Coconut & Cotton are also offering a delivery service for their eco-friendly home and especially cleaning products! Check out their website for more details.

Lastly, please pass this on to anyone you know who may need our help. Of course there is an element of this that is about trying to keep our local shops and businesses open, but more importantly, it’s about making sure no one has to go without good, wholesome food – in fact, that’s more important than ever right now. Let’s help our friends and neighbours, and make this difficult time a little bit easier.

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Marinated Austen

Austen is a ewe’s milk cheese made in the style of a Greek feta. Salty and crumbly, but a little smoother than it’s Grecian counterpart, it’s a fabulous cheese, and lends itself beautifully to the sharpness of the lemons and warmth of the spices in this recipe.

Makes 2 small jars.
1 pack Austen
1 lemon (unwaxed)
1 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
3/4 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 tsp aleppo chilli flakes (you can use regular chilli flakes if you can’t hold of aleppo – you’ll oly need around 1/4 tsp though)
1 or 2 small dried chillis
olive oil

Preheat oven to 200c/gas 7
Slice the lemon into slices – aim for about the thickness of a penny. Lay the slices on a baking tray and sprinkle over a generous half of the seeds and all the chilli flakes, then drizzle with a little oil. Mix and turn the lemon slices to make sure they’re coated in the spices and oil, then roast for 12 minutes, until sticky and slightly charred. Set aside to cool.
Dice the Austen and pack into sterilised jars along with the lemon slices. the remainaing spices and the whole dried chillis, then top up with olive oil.

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New tricks

Storm Ciara is still in full blow as I type this, so it seems a little strange to be planning out events for the summer, never mind a couple of (dare I say it) Christmas bookings that have come down the line. While on the calendar we’re still definitely in the grips of Winter, there have been a few days lately, in between the gales and downpours, that have felt almost as if Spring might actually be just around the corner. With the first of this year’s Seasonal celebrations only just around the corner, it’s certainly a change from last year, when we were fighting our way through snow drifts (although Susie was off the road last February, so she was spared the indignities!).
It’s still been chilly enough to prompt the launch of The Truckle Truck Raclette – visitors to Brewed Boy, the Sherborne based brewbar, tucked into traditional and bacon raclettes, and by the smiles on their faces, thoroughly enjoyed it! (I’ll admit to a quick trial run before serving any up – quality control, and all that…)
The New Year has seen another change, this time a new location in Wincanton. The council invited me to move our pitch down to the centre of town, on the old market square, and being in the middle of the hustle and bustle is fantastic – it feels like a completely different town, and has the added bonus of being in easy reach of brilliant coffee (thanks to the lovely folk at Bootmakers) and equally wonderful bread from old pals Lovingtons (who used to supply bread to Turnbulls).
With Susie and I continuing to spread our wings, in the form of new pitches and festivals coming up over the year ahead, as well as the continued growth of the online shop, it definitely feels like Spring is almost here.