In the counter…

This weekend, we’ll be loaded up with:
Rouzaire Brie de Meaux (The king of bries – punchy, earthy and smooth.)
Renegade Monk (It needs little introduction…)
Beauvale (a deeply flavoured, soft and creamy blue that’s a cross between Stilton and Gorgonzola. Amazingly savoury.)
Rachel(a smooth, mild-mannered goat’s cheese, that’s just a little bit nutty)
Boy Laity (A lovely Cornish camembert – buttery but with a bit of a tang.)
Gorgonzola Dolce (yes, that Gorgonzola, which took Shaftesbury by storm!)
Montagnolo (a creamy, mild blue from Germany)
Colston Bassett Stilton (the best Stilton around!)
Dorset Blue Vinney (One of our closest cheesemakers, so good we don’t let it out of the county much!)
Quickes Mature Cheddar Cheddar (Savoury, sharp and smooth!)
Winslade (super-gooey, matured in spruce for a unique flavour)
Brebirousse d’Argental (a super soft, creamy ewe’s cheese from France)
Godminster Cheddar (a lovely, vintage modern cheddar. If you know what I mean…)
Wigmore (a gooey, tangy ewe’s milk soft cheese from Reading)
Spenwood (Wigmore’s sister cheese, a crumbly, friable and just a little bit sharp hard cheese)
Princess Alicia Victoria(Another Swiss mountain cheese, this time with a punchier flavour and a drier texture)
Dorset Red (an oak-smoked semi-soft cheese, with a gently sweet nature balancing the smoky tang)
Beau Farm Aged Goat’s Gouda (super smooth and elegant)
Old Winchester (a deeply rich and sweet gouda-style from Lyburn Dairy)
Driftwood(A beautiful soft goat’s cheese from White Lake Dairy – fresh and citrussy)
Burns (a halloumi style cheese from The Book and Bucket)
Cornish Kern (award-winning gouda style cheese from Lynher Dairy – deeply sweet and nutty)
Gorwydd Caerphilly (As classic a British cheese as you can get – crumbly and light.)
Cornish Yarg (light, sharp and fresh, wrapped in nettle leaves)
Cave aged Gruyere(The quintessential mountain cheese, sweet, nutty and smooth)
King Cut Gruyere(Bags of flavour and texture that make it perfect for cooking. Fondue anyone?)
Minger(The cheese with the worst name in the world – but deliciously subtle and interesting)
Miss Wenna(Delightfully gentle little brie from Cornwall – buttery and smooth as silk)
Truffler(It starts out life as a Miss Wenna, but gets a hefty infusion of truffle along the way, for something truly extraordinary)
Rollright(Tangy, fruity and very slightly smoky thanks to the spruce bark that keeps this gooey cheese contained while it matures to perfection.)
Shropshire Blue (Sweeter, richer and creamier than Stilton, and a real looker on the cheeseboard!)

We have biscuits of all types, too, fruits for cheese, a few incredible jars of truffle honey, some great local chutneys made by the lovely chaps and chapesses at From Dorset With Love, and some very special pickles made especially for The Truckle Truck. Oh, and Turnbulls Extraordinary Pickle!