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Truck, truck truckin’ along

Big day today – set off this morning on the trek (via the joys of the M25 – whoever decided that concrete would make a good road surface?) to see a man about a van.

Several vans, in fact. The lovely folks at H Van World are a fount of information, from advice on the best type of van to some very ‘super-cool’ conversions.

Before long, my brain was awhirl with bulkhead arches, flip-top signs and counter configurations!

Could this be the one?!

(Point of interest for anyone who believes that our environmental health system is a tad OTT – some states in the US require catering trucks to have 4 sinks – a prewash, a wash and a rinse for the hands and just 1 for washing utensils!)

Still, it was a fascinating morning, and having a chance to have a proper dig around in the back of some very varied conversions was great.

Now I’m heading for home to start planning a conversion. Time to get out the old graph paper!

Love the vintage dash!

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for dropping by!

If you’ve found your way here, you probably know me from Turnbulls Deli.

Following the closure of Turnbulls, I will be setting up a mobile cheese shop, to sell the very best cheeses we’ve discovered over the last 15 years along with Shaftesbury’s favourite accompaniments.

On this site, you can sign up to receive emails, letting you know when the Truckle Truck will be appearing in a market near you. I’ll also post updates here to document the process of getting the Truckle Truck up and running, from finding the perfect truck and converting it to visiting and working with some of our best producers and suppliers.

I hope to see you soon!