Welcome to The Truckle Truck

The Truckle Truck hit the road in 2018. I’d spent some 13 years ‘learning cheese’ and discovering the amazing industry that I now have the immense priviledge to be a part of.
The Truckle Truck itself is a 1969 Citroen HY van – a few of the questions I get asked the most are: ‘Does it drive?’ (Yes, albeit rather slowly and steadily), ‘Is it left-hand drive?’ (Yes again, which can be fun in country lanes!) and ‘Does she have a name?’
Of course she does – introducing Susie (or Suzy, if we’re feeling particularly Gallic)

Susie on our home turf in Shaftesbury

Running what’s probably the smallest cheeseshop in the world means my counter is also rather ‘bijou’. The cheeses that get a spot are award-winning, rare cheeses, cheeses made by new cheesemakers and cheeses that have been made for centuries. They are, quite simply, the best of the best.

While Susie and I tend to stay pretty much within our local area – we’re based in Shaftesbury, North Dorset – you can still buy the cheeses, biscuits and accompaniments if you live further afield. We send boxes of deliciousness all over the mainland UK (except the Scottish Highlands, sorry!), so no one has to miss out on the cheese!

Free local delivery

The last couple of months seem to have gone on forever, but at the same time, to have flown by. We’ve grown accustomed to a new way of life, one that is harder in many ways, but also one that’s forced us to slow down,to realise that we are tremendously lucky to live in this bit of the world, to have amazing landscapes close enough for us to visit them – even briefly – while we’ve waited for life to return to ‘normal’. We’ve also rediscovered our communities, neighbours helping each other through, pulling together to make sure no one is left to deal with this alone. Small businesses across the country have stepped up to join that movement, innovating and adapting.

Now, as we begin to see the restrictions easing, it’s hard to imagine what ‘normal life’ will look like. We’ve changed, our habits, our awareness of each other and the world around us. There’s a feeling of positivity emerging from the fear that’s still present, that we’ve survived this so far and that, if we do have go back into a tighter lockdown, it’s less of an unknown. We know that we will look after each other, that we can count on our communities – our friends, our neighbours and our businesses – to get through it again.

With the easing of restricitions and the greater understanding of the preventive measures we can take to stay safe, I’ve decided it’s time to bring The Truckle Truck back on the road. That doesn’t mean we’ll be stopping deliveries though, I know many of you are still isolating or would prefer not to come into town. You’ll still be able to order your cheese, bread, coffee and cakes for delivery, which will be made every Saturday.
Orders can be placed over the phone (07400 344330) or by email (cheese@thetruckletruck.com). Please be aware that I will be selling cheese on Thursday and Friday though, so may not be able to pick up the phone! If so, please leave me your details and I’ll call you back to take your order. With the exception of special orders, they need to be in by 11am on Friday, to ensure we can get everything ready for you.

The team:
The High Street Bakery (bread, cakes, baking ingredients)
The Truckle Truck (cheeses, biscuits, chutneys)
Genius Coffea
Sadly, Lale and Holger have taken the difficult decision to stop roasting their lovely coffee. They’ll be greatly missed by many of us! I do have a limited stock of coffee, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.
Green + Grainy (gluten free and vegan cakes)

What’s in stock today?

The High Street Bakery

Breads, savouries and cakes

Bread (available fresh or par-baked, suitable for home freezing):
Tin Loaf, Large; £3.00 Small: £2.50 - white, seeded, granary or wholemeal
White, Seeded (brown), granary, sourdough or Wholemeal rolls: 30p each or 4 for £1
Sourdough Baguettes: £2.60
Mini Sourdough Baguettes: £1.00
Sourdough: £2.60 small, £3.50 large
Spelt Sourdough (wheat free); £3.50 small, £5 large
Multiseed brown Sourdough tin: £3.00
Light Rye: £2.60 small, £3.50 large
Irish Soda: £2.60
Spelt Soda (wheat free); £3.50
100% Rye; £3.00 small, £5 large
100% Rye with sunflower seeds: £3.50 small, £6 large
Gluten Free Sourdough: £2.90
Gluten and Dairy Free Tomato and Basil: £2.90
Gluten Free Feta and Herb: £3.90
Pastries and savouries:
Plain Croissants: £1.40
Almond Croissants: £1.80
Pain au Chocolat: £1.80
Cinnamon Rolls: £1.80
Cookies: Triple chocolate, white chocolate & raspberry, mocha, or red velvet £1.50
Oatmeal raisin 90pSteak Pasties, Cheese and onion pasties, Vegan pasties (gluten free too): £3.00
Sausage Rolls: £2.00
Veggie sausage rolls (sweet potato & feta £2
Scotch eggs (NOT available frozen): £2.40
Quiche (white, wholemeal or GF base available): individual £2.70, 8” £16.50, 12” £22.00
Eggs, £1.60 for half dozen
Loaf cakes:
Coffee & walnut, Chocolate, Carrot, red velvet or Lemon Drizzle: £5.50
Fruit Loaf Cake: £6.50
Teacakes: £1.50 each, or 4 for £5, or 8 for £9
Scones (plain, fruit or cheese): £1.60

Also available while stocks last:

Dorset Tea
Decaff (80 bags) £
Dorset blend (30 bags)
Infusions (30 bags) £3 - choose from Green, Green tea with Lemon, Lemon & Ginger or Strawberry and Cream

Moores Biscuits
Assortment box £7
Dorset Shortbread, Butter Crunch, Chocolate Chip or Ginger, all £4

The Truckle Truck

Cheeses and accompaniments

Shropshire Blue (£2.70/100g)

Waterloo (£3.10/100g)

Washed (aka stinky!):
Rebel Nun (£8 each)
Minger (£7.50 each)


Hardy (£3.50/100g)

Pave Cobble (£8.25each)
Austen (sort of like feta but we can't call it that) £4.50
Hemmingway (Austen matured in kalamata brine) £4.50
Burns (halloumi style) £5.50
Smoked Burns £5.50

Rachel (£3.50/100g)
Driftwood (£8.25each)

Westcombe Cheddar (£2.40/100g)
Montgomerys Cheddar (£2.40/100g)

Quickes Vintage Cheddar (£2.60/100g)
Lyburn Gold (£2.60/100g)

Lyburn Oak Smoked (£2.70/100g)
Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire (£3.10/100g)
Cornish Yarg (£2.40/100g)
Cornish Kern (£2.70/100g)
Godminster Vintage Cheddar with Black Truffle 200g (£8)
Godminster Vintage Cheddar 400g (£11.50)
Black Cow Cheddar 200g (£6.50)

Schlossberger (£3/100g)
Cirone (£3/100g)
Grana Padano (£3/100g)


Gluten Free Water Crackers, Walnut Oaties, Cornish Buttermilk  Biscuits, Peter's Yard Crispbreads, Apricot Cracker Bakes, Seedy Cracker Bakes £3.75


Extraordinary Pickle, spicy Caramelised Tomato & Onion Pickle, Real Ale Chutney, Apple & Cider Chutney £3.50
Fig, Damson or Quince fruit for cheese £5.50

There is more stock arriving this week, so don't forget to check back soon for some very special treats...

Genius Coffea

Fresh roasted coffee from Tisbury

Holgers Signature Blend 101 £5/227g

Columbian Decaff £5/227g

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe £7/227g

Beans or ground (please specify which when ordering - ground will be sent out by default)

Green + Grainy Vegan/gluten free bars

Gluten free and vegan treats

Fabulous gluten free, dairy free and vegan traybakes from East Orchard.

£24/15 bars.
(Smaller orders possible soon - awaiting new packaging!)

Our cakes are: - 

  • Pre-cut to the perfect portion size (15 bars per tray)

  • Freeze upon delivery - keep for up to 6 months! 

  • Packaged in slim card boxes, both recyclable and biodegradable.

Choose from:

Snickeroo Bar (Peanut Butter Chocolate)

Berry Bountyful Bar (Coconut Macaroon Bar)

Orange Almond Bar 

Salted Maca Millionaire 

Caramel Crunch Bar 

Maple Pecan Slice 

Apricot Marzipan Bar 

Chocolate Praline Bar 

Also available:

Bliss Balls
Made using fresh fruit juices, these are protein balls with a difference!

Lemon & Blueberry, Lime & Coconut or Raspberry Almond.
Box of 6, £8.50

We can also get goat’s milk, yoghurt and butter, and sheep’s yoghurt. These are a special order, so orders must be placed by 9:30am on Monday for delivery on Saturday.
Goat’s milk £2 1 litre (please note, this does not have a long shelf life, and may only have a couple of days before it’s use-by date)
Goat’s butter £1.50/250g
Goat’s yoghurt £2.35/450ml
Sheep’s yoghurt £2.80/450ml

Coconut & Cotton are also offering a delivery service for their eco-friendly home and especially cleaning products! Check out their website for more details.

Lastly, please pass this on to anyone you know who may need our help. Of course there is an element of this that is about trying to keep our local shops and businesses open, but more importantly, it’s about making sure no one has to go without good, wholesome food – in fact, that’s more important than ever right now. Let’s help our friends and neighbours, and make this difficult time a little bit easier.

Keep in Touch:

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