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Covid-19 (novel coronavirus)

As part of my due dilligence in this difficult time, I’ve reviewed the practices and systems in place to ensure that I am now, and will continue to operate safely in the community.

Those practices include:

  • an increased regularity of hand washing, particularly following contact with any likely vector for infection.
  • an increased regularity of sanisiting surfaces, both those which come into direct contact with cheese (such as cutting boards and the counter) and those which the public may contact (such as the till screen and counter shelf).
  • keeping the amount of time that any cheese might be unwrapped during service to an absolute minimum.

I will continue to act in accordance with the advice and instructions that we receive from the government and medical authorities, and these policies will be reviewed in the light of any and all new information as it is released.

In the meantime, please continue to support all the shops on your high street for as long as possible, and be patient with us while we all implement the measures we need to at this time.

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