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New tricks

Storm Ciara is still in full blow as I type this, so it seems a little strange to be planning out events for the summer, never mind a couple of (dare I say it) Christmas bookings that have come down the line. While on the calendar we’re still definitely in the grips of Winter, there have been a few days lately, in between the gales and downpours, that have felt almost as if Spring might actually be just around the corner. With the first of this year’s Seasonal celebrations only just around the corner, it’s certainly a change from last year, when we were fighting our way through snow drifts (although Susie was off the road last February, so she was spared the indignities!).
It’s still been chilly enough to prompt the launch of The Truckle Truck Raclette – visitors to Brewed Boy, the Sherborne based brewbar, tucked into traditional and bacon raclettes, and by the smiles on their faces, thoroughly enjoyed it! (I’ll admit to a quick trial run before serving any up – quality control, and all that…)
The New Year has seen another change, this time a new location in Wincanton. The council invited me to move our pitch down to the centre of town, on the old market square, and being in the middle of the hustle and bustle is fantastic – it feels like a completely different town, and has the added bonus of being in easy reach of brilliant coffee (thanks to the lovely folk at Bootmakers) and equally wonderful bread from old pals Lovingtons (who used to supply bread to Turnbulls).
With Susie and I continuing to spread our wings, in the form of new pitches and festivals coming up over the year ahead, as well as the continued growth of the online shop, it definitely feels like Spring is almost here.

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