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Big steps

It feels like a lot longer than a month since I last posted here. It’s certainly been busy, with plenty of events, lining up and booking new festivals and planning a few exciting changes for next year. I’ve also taken the plunge (again) and jumped into something I hadn’t really planned on doing just yet. Selling cheese online is complicated and fraught with the possibilities for horrible, gooey disasters, but the online Cheeseshop is now live.

Setting up an online shop is, as much as anything, an exercise in patience. From the unexpectedly tedious job of entering every product (one by one by one…) to waiting on samples to test packaging, to waiting for the lucky recipients of the tests to feedback (much thanks to Charlie T and my brother for the onerous task of recieving a box of cheese!), it seemed as if the shop and systems would never be ready. Now that they are, I find it’s actually a little bit scary – as if my baby business has suddenly grown up and turned all serious.

Serious-ish, anyway.

Life, of course, has carried on while all of this has been occuring. What was supposed to be a routine check-up on Susie’s engine discovered a ticking time bomb in the form of a severely blocked and ‘gunky’ cylinder head. More than a few hours in the hands of my lovely mechanics, cleaning, soaking and flushing, and Susie’s engine runs so well she’s hardly recognisable. So much so that when I pulled up outside Brewed Boy at the beginning of the month, they didn’t even realise it was me! More silver linings there, I suppose.

Now I’m off to stock up on more cheese for the counter and the online shop…

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