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The Cheese Club

The Truckle Truck Cheese Club is a monthly event, where we will be offering a selection of cheeses, carefully curated to give you the perfect cheeseboard for the weekend. As well as cheese, you’ll get biscuits and an accompaniment to go with them, along with tasting notes for you to peruse as you tuck in. There’s no monthly subscription, simply order from the online shop and then either collect from us in Shaftesbury, or have your cheese delivered straight to your door.

This month:

Cashel Blue (Cows, Pasturised, Vegetarian, Tipperary, Ireland) This soft and luscious blue has a fantastically punchy flavour, with a well-rounded creaminess balancing the hint of spiciness from the mottled veining. A striking cheese on the board, the blue develops into craggy ‘holes’ inside the paste, allowing their flavour to mingle throughout the cheese.
Brie de Meaux (Cows, Unpasturised, Not Vegetarian, Rouzaire, Tournan-en-Brie, Paris) Possibly the most famous soft cheese, and said to be one of the oldest recipes still in use (the oldest recipe found so far dates back to the 9th century). A good brie should be gently oozing from the white, bloomy rind. The paste is rich and buttery, with a little bit of mushroomy earthiness from the thin rind.
Spenwood (Ewes, Unpasturied, Not Vegetarian, Risely, Berkshire) At nine months old, this cheese has developed some wonderfully complex flavours. Nuttiness and fruitiness come through, with a lingering savoury tanginess that makes this cheese a delight.
Goats Gouda (Goats, Pasturised, Vegetarian, Tadley, Hampshire ) This goat’s gouda is simply stunning. Packed with layer upon layer of sweet, savoury, grassy and biscuity flavours, it’s too good to say no to!
Cornish Kern (Cows, Pasturised, Vegetarian, Truro, Cornwall) With the World Cheese Awards coming up in a couple of weeks, this previous winner is hitting it’s peak season. Rich and buttery flavours, reminiscent of a classic cheddar, give a backnote to the powerfully sweet gouda-style taste that made it such a hit with the judges in 2017.
Walnut Oaties
Extraordinary Pickle

Choose from:

The Baby Board – £15. Perfect for two after dinner! Three cheeses (100g each)
The Small (but mighty) Board – £20. For serious turophiles who like their cheese little and often. (Five cheeses, 100g each)
The Family Board – £22.50. Enough cheese for everyone to tuck into over the weekend. (Three cheeses, 200g each)
The Seriously Cheesey Board – £32.50. For dedicated cheese-eaters, or for a special occasion! (Five cheeses, 200g each)

Join the Club!

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  1. Hi! Sorry, this only came through late yesterday. We had a rather dramatic morning on Friday, and by the time the paramedics finally left, I didn’t get to Shaftesbury until almost midday! If you’re on any of the usual social media platforms, I’ll always pop a quick update there if anything happens to delay me in the morning. Hopefully see you this Friday! Carolyn

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