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Truck, truck truckin’ along

Big day today – set off this morning on the trek (via the joys of the M25 – whoever decided that concrete would make a good road surface?) to see a man about a van.

Several vans, in fact. The lovely folks at H Van World are a fount of information, from advice on the best type of van to some very ‘super-cool’ conversions.

Before long, my brain was awhirl with bulkhead arches, flip-top signs and counter configurations!

Could this be the one?!

(Point of interest for anyone who believes that our environmental health system is a tad OTT – some states in the US require catering trucks to have 4 sinks – a prewash, a wash and a rinse for the hands and just 1 for washing utensils!)

Still, it was a fascinating morning, and having a chance to have a proper dig around in the back of some very varied conversions was great.

Now I’m heading for home to start planning a conversion. Time to get out the old graph paper!

Love the vintage dash!

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