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The Journey Begins

Thanks for dropping by!

If you’ve found your way here, you probably know me from Turnbulls Deli.

Following the closure of Turnbulls, I will be setting up a mobile cheese shop, to sell the very best cheeses we’ve discovered over the last 15 years along with Shaftesbury’s favourite accompaniments.

On this site, you can sign up to receive emails, letting you know when the Truckle Truck will be appearing in a market near you. I’ll also post updates here to document the process of getting the Truckle Truck up and running, from finding the perfect truck and converting it to visiting and working with some of our best producers and suppliers.

I hope to see you soon!



6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Sorry Carolyn, me again….!
    I should have said that due to an increase in our village hall hire charges and due to a couple of no-shows in the past, we have, very reluctantly, decided to ask all stall holders for £20 in order to secure their pitch. We would then ask that every stall holder donate 10% of their takings on the day to The Eve Appeal.
    Should have made this clear from the beginning!

    1. Hi Carol
      Not sure if a previous comment went adrift somewhere in t’interweb, but if I understannd correctly, are you discussing a market/festival style event held for the Eve appeal? Could you send me further information? Many thanks

  2. Yes, hi Carolyn, clearly my first message didn’t send at all……!
    Basically we are all mortified that you have had to close Turnbulls. Soooo disappointing. My hubby Martin has spent many an hour in there with his great friend John Colton, either supping your delicious coffee, enjoying a hearty breakfast or buying your cheese! I know John was a regular customer!
    Myself, Rosie Leek, Amanda Freeman and Sarah Fineman have for the last three and a half years been raising money for a charity called The Eve Appeal. This charity raises awareness and funds research into all five gynaecological cancers. We have raised to date just under £35k. Our most recent event was an Open Gardens event at Fonthill House courtesy of The Lord Margadale of Islay and I have just today been able to send The Eve Appeal a total of £7k which we were all absolutely thrilled about! It was a beautiful day and the weather was amazing!
    Our next event is going to be in the form of an early Christmas Fair to be held on Thursday 1st November at Cucklington Village Hall between 10-2.30pm. I do not know whether or not your truckle truck will be up and ready by then but we were wondering if you might like to be there on the day. We would love it if you could of course!
    That then takes me on to the rest of my message that did send!
    Anyway, if you would like to be part of our day on the 1st November do give me a shout and we’ll go from there.

    1. Hi Carol
      very sorry I haven’t picked this up until now – the full message makes lots more sense! I’d love to be able to be at the fair, but I think this year is going to be a bit too soon after setting up – I need to get a clear feeling for how selling from the van will work both practically and economically. (We did a few charitable Christmas Markets at Turnbulls, and they were difficult to gauge even with many years experience!)
      I do hope it goes well, and please do keep in touch about the Eve Appeal.
      Kind regards

      1. Hi Carolyn,
        Thank you very much indeed for getting back to me.
        As you can imagine, we are hugely disappointed that we won’t be seeing you at our fair later this year, but totally understand.
        If however, nearer the time, you have a change of heart and decide that you’d like to give it a go after all, don’t hesitate to get in touch as it wouldn’t take any effort on our part to add you to the planned itinerary for the day!
        Thanks again and have a great Summer.

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Do hope you managed to pick up the whole of my message in the end! Silly me! All to do with a charity event we’re holding in Cucklington Village Hall on the 1st November.
    I was just wondering if you’d had any further thoughts, but at the same time don’t want you to feel i’m piling on the pressure!
    Wonder if email might be easier?

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